Success Stories

We’ve shared some stories of people, groups and teams that have achieved a fantastic result.

Wests League

On the 25th February, 75 staff members from West’s Campbelltown, Gledwood Hills Country Club, Lakeside Golf Club and West’s Tennis Club pledged to walk a collective 1 million steps.

Not only did they smash their 1 million step goal they also donated and pledge $5000 to our fundraising campaign! Incredible effort from the team at West’s.  

Hibernian Hotel

When this little hotel in regional Victoria found out about our fundraising movement they were very quick to show us a huge amount of support. The Hibernian also known as ‘The HIBO’ by locals donated 3 months worth of their Friday night raffles for our cause. We were blown away with the response from The Hibo community, they raised a huge $2150 for the cause.

Peter and Xandra Ulmer

On the 13th March, Peter & Xandra Ulmer set off on a hike of a lifetime completing their activity of ‘Walk to the roof of Australia.’ Not only did they overcome the 100kph crosswinds up Mt Stilwell but they raised a mammoth $1740 in the process! In Peter’s words “The very windy and cold conditions made it less fun but importantly we achieved our goal. Well done to everyone who came.” Well done Peter & Xandra!

Jade Veale

On the 27th March, Jade Veale stepped into the boxing ring for her very first charity fight. Jade joined a group of first-time fighters out of the Corporate Fighter Gym where she trained 5 times a week for 12 weeks. Jade elected to fight for SuicideToZERO as her charity of choice and over the course of her 3 month journey she raised $1165. An incredible effort!

John 0

John O is one of the biggest heart beats and supporters of our movement. He has pledged to do 252 hours of pre-breakfast morning walks. By the time John has finished his morning walks on the 31st December 2021, he will have walked the distance equivalent of Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. That’s 1386km! Like walking from Singapore to Bangkok or from London to Rome! John is well on his way to raising $1000.